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What Our Clients Have to Say

At The Biz Doctor in Radford, VA, we’re all about client satisfaction. Don’t take our word for it, though. Read what our past and current clients have to say about the quality of service that they’ve received.

“Through my 20+ years of working with Dr. Theresa Turner, she has always astounded me with her work ethic and ability to get things done. She developed our ownership transition plan for my former company, which was implemented 15 years ago and has resulted in a smooth transition of leadership, and ownership. The transition has been smooth and effective and has resulted in the company continuing to prosper.

She has outstanding capabilities as regards financial project management, strategic planning, succession planning, and leadership. She has dedicated herself to continuous education, as her academic credentials indicate.

She is an expert in spreadsheet analysis, to include financial management, management information reports, and planning for implementation of many varied operations within a business. She is reliable and gets things done in a rapid manner.

I personally led our Board of Directors, on which Theresa served for over 10 years. Her leadership and advisory role on financial matters, human resource matters, and strategic decisions were invaluable to our Board, and contributed greatly based on her vast knowledge of business operations.”

- Former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of a Civil Engineering Firm

“I have known Dr. Theresa Turner for 28 years and she is very trustworthy and caring. She assisted me with getting on a budget that I could manage and understand. Once I was on the budget I was able to get everything in line and was able to buy my first house. I could not have done it without her and I will continue to have her work my budgets and all my financial planning.”

- Rebecca Smith - Firefighter / Medic / Fire Investigator

“Having worked with Dr. Theresa Turner for several years I have great respect for her management skills. Theresa's strong financial knowledge also brings excellent problems solving abilities. She is able to share her ideas and teach others in a positive light!”

- Tammy Kuypers - Accounting Professional

“I have known Dr. Turner for over 35 years and have always been impressed with the service and efficiency shown in her professional life. She is thorough, knowledgeable and responsive. She provides expert advice on the many aspects of finance, both professional and personal and is a valuable asset to the financial management of any organization.” 

- Cathy Hanks - Senior Marketing Consultant

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