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Organizational & Financial Health Consultants

The Biz Doctor, LLC., provides a number of services for businesses and individuals to keep an eye on the pulse of the organizational and financial health to meet your specific needs. Our experience spans a range of services in areas including: manufacturing, retail, restaurants and consulting engineering and surveying to name a few. We have decades of experience in key services such as: strategy and leadership, organizational and operations planning and financial analysis.

Why Do You Need A Consultant?

For Businesses

Most businesses start up to provide a service or product for which they possess a special knowledge or skill. The business side of things are not typically part of most business owners formal training and this can become an overwhelming burden. The pulse of the business is the service or product offered to clients/customers. This is the excitement, motivation and passion behind the business.

The Biz Doctor, LLC., can assist businesses with achieving financial health, being a responsible organization for employees and the community; and keeping the long-term passion alive behind the product/service.

These key services encompass:

Strategy and Leadership Planning

  • Strategic planning – strategy development, leadership retreats and follow up “pulse” sessions to ensure commitment and accountability to the vision and mission of the organization
  • Ownership transition and leadership succession planning – long-term planning for the future success of the organization
  • Multi-level leadership training – continuous development of the next level of leadership to tap on new ideas, business models and relationships that maintain the long-term health of the organization

Organizational and Operations Planning

  • Assistance with operational strategies that involve modeling to assist with innovation, capability building, service/product delivery effectiveness and strategic change management when appropriate
  • Talent acquisition services – recruiting and retainage programs to ensure acquisition of the best human capital complimented with supportive training to develop and inspire the most valuable resources of the organization
  • Engagement Surveys – solicit and analyze input from valuable human capital to foster continuous improvement in operational and management areas

Financial Analysis

  • Financial management training – assisting leadership, management and staff in understanding how effective financial management of projects drive the financial performance of the business
  • Review and analysis of the current financial health of organizations and development of plans and programs that are aligned with the vision and mission of the business

For Individuals

Many times individuals find themselves in difficult financial positions and struggle to understand how this happened. Often it is a lack of understanding of options available to reduce debt, invest appropriately and/or develop a budget plan that allows for savings for the future.

This key service encompasses:

Budget and Financial Analysis

Analysis of the health of your personal financial position – determine the current financial position and develop plans for long term success including:

  • Budget development and training​
  • Long term financial planning (we team with consultant partners that offer financial planning investment services)
  • Plan development for long term savings to assist with mortgages, auto loans, college and other personal needs (we team with a CPA firm to assist with tax planning)

Give us a call to schedule a consultation today.

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